The Lodger

Stage/Costume Design, 2014

The Mothers! It hits me each time! What kind of a word is that, that I once heard, that frightens me so?

Like Faust we ask ourselves why the word ”Mother” evokes such fear. There is something sticky about the motherly embrace, and we seem to be deemed to look for a way out. We want to make a journey, we want something to happen. But even the journey is a repetition and we see the same thing as other travellers before us. When we return home, everything is the same, but still different. Time has visited.

The Lodger has its origin and endpoint in a dream, but it is not important to know what the dream means. It is its own qualities and mutual relationships, color schemes, smells and rythms that can seduce us into a unique and wordless experience that cannot be explained, only experienced.

Something immanent in each of us constitutes a resistance to the demands of constant change, movement, and flexibility. The lodger, who is immanent in the rooms of the landlord, longs to escape his charted destiny, at the same time as he seeks acceptance in an existence that he cannot leave or change. And it is from this paradox that an individual is crystallized before us, a man under the pressure of an exploding virtualization of life experience; the demand from society to constantly create new forms of life.


The performance was first shown in a bunker on Industrigatan in Malmö during Gallery Night in october 2014. Then it was reworked for the theater stage and performed at Kilen, Kulturhuset in Stockholm and at Inkonst in Malmö in November 2015.




The Lodger 1 The Lodger 2 The Lodger 3