Sculpture without Organs

Sculpture, 2014

The sculpture without Organs depicts a sailor that has suffered a shipwreck. He has no organs, external nor internal.

The sculpture was produced within a cultural exchange about art and bronze between Malmö, Beijing and Cairo. The bottom part of the figur was cast in Al Alusi art foundry in Cairo and the top part of the body was cast in Beijing by Yidongyuan Sculpture Center.

The parts of the body are made separate and joint together mechanically.

Production in Europe is becoming a thing of the past, when most of it is being outsourced to cheap labour countries in Asia and Africa. The question is what this development does to our self image, to our understanding of what we are as human beings. Our sense of purpose and ability to see our selves as autonomic creatures. Areas that used to live on fishing, farming, production of tools, clothes, food products etc, now live on tourism or media production. The production of material things have been out sourced to cheap labour countries in Africa and Asia. The know-how dies with the elderly generation. The great colonizer, potent and and effective, is an object of nostalgia. Instead; the sad picture of a stranded sailor without the means of reproducing himself, starring into space with empty hands, is putting out the question; what does it do to our self understanding, to our minds in general, when we do not produce anymore.


This exchange project was achieved with support from Kulturbryggan, The Swedish Arts Counsil and Region Skåne.


Bronze, hair and fabric, wooden base


Sitting on wooden base: 120 cm

Bronze figure standing: 120 cm


Sculpture without Organs 1 Sculpture without Organs 2 Sculpture without Organs 3 Sculpture without Organs 4