Oral Evening

Sound Installation, 2010


Opening event of Etikett on 23/01/2010, in Malmö, Sweden.

Part 1

Do you know what would be really clever?

Voices indulged in oral communication, 12 min.

Part 2

Nietzsche’s Diet

Sound installation in the toilet, 35 seconds, looped.

Because of his health problems Nietzsche made extensive diets to improve his physical and mental health.

Source: Nietzsche - Liv och tänkesätt by Carl-Göran Ekerwald, 1994. Translated into German.

Speaker: Fred Großkopf.

English translation:

Before the meal: 2 rolls with ham and one egg, six to eight nuts with bread. Two apples, two pieces of ginger, two buiscits.

For supper: One egg with bread, five nuts. Sweat milk with one piece of zwieback and three buiscits.

The next 200 weeks: Every morning one glas of laxative with cold water. At seven o’clock one tea spoon of Kabsbaader salt. At eight o’clock one beef steak, 80 grams, and two pieces of zwieback. At 12 o’clock 80 grams of fried steak. At eight in the evening: 80 grams of fried meat with aspic. One leech to be put on the head.

Get up at six o’clock. Body cleansing with cold water. A morning walk. Breakfast at half past seven, one hour dictate with Bremer. A walk, reading. At twelve o’clock lunch, thereafter a rest. At two o’clock a walk, or if rain: work.


Oral Evening 1 Oral Evening 2