Bronze Sculpture, 2009

From press release, September 2009:

“Linnéa Carlsson gained great attention for her MFA piece “The Sculpture (which is a Weapon)” 2008, a catapult with which it was possible to destroy the gallery wall. In her new work which is placed on Stortorget she continues to investigate normative structures, now starting out from her own body and from Stortorget, Malmö, as a public space. In connection to the statue of Karl X from 1896 on Stortorget, Carlsson has depicted a hermaphrodite with a sword in her hand. Cast in bronze the figure plays on the ideals of the classical sculpture tradition with male heroes of war, created by male artists, which yet today characterizes the public space. But more basic, and for the artist more important, is how the public spaces still produce and control the division into male and female. Beyond feminism and the culture of conquests is the claim that this division is possible and necessary. Only in the utmost private is it possible to cross this border, or to admit that we always have. Linnéa Carlsson graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2008 and lives and works in Malmö.”


46cm x 28 cm x 33cm.


Herculine 1 Herculine 2 Herculine 3 Herculine 4 Herculine 5 Herculine 6