Expedition / Shoemaker’s Lung

Sculpture, 2014

Two goat skins that are clammed between 2 iron rings are continuously inflated with a compressor. It exhales slowly, and the skins flatten. The construction is mounted on a sledge-like construction and placed on an old military tarpaulin. The construction resembles a tool that I have seen shoemakers use to glue the sole. It also resembles a lunge that breathes with great effort (and noise). Placed on the tarpaulin, I also associate it with André´s expedition to the North Pole in 1897. Is this the human condition


Iron, goat skin, fabric, compressor.


The sculpture itself is 140 cm long. The tarpauling is about 6 meters long.


Expedition / Shoemaker's Lung 1 Expedition / Shoemaker's Lung 2 Expedition / Shoemaker's Lung 3