Sub Lingua: In the Storage. 2014

The sculptures are made of plaster, rubber, wood and deer antlers. In this installation they are placed in a shelf, plus one that is sitting on a separate table. The rubber balls are bladders from inside of footballs, handballs and volleyballs, and are squeezed into shapes of plaster and wood. The shapes of the sculptures are obscure to me, but have developed in close relation to each other, just like sounds and words need each other to form a syntax. I have no lexicon to this "Sub Lingua", but an obscure feverish memory of a bodily sensation of being in a room that seems too small and at the same time too big, of myself being too big but also too small; wanting to stay closed or opening up; of wanting to express but perhaps not communicate, has been at the center of this working process. The one on the table is the silent one, it's surface is smooth and completely closed.

Size: Most of these sculptures are around 20 cm high.