This time Conny has touristed in Lund, focusing solely on art- and culture- spots. From his journeys in Lund and Ahrenshoop (Germany) I had post cards with 22 different motifs printed.

Conny auf der Trauminsel (Conny on the Dream Island) has derived out of the pessimistic idea that art is a tourist spot, meaning that art constitutes a parallell system, another reality, a dream island. On this dream island anything can be said because it is safe there and its ideas will hardly ever reach the "real world", only the money ciculates across the border.

The sculpture itself, Conny Olsson 2, is 178 cm tall and from papie-mache. He is built as a copy of the real Conny Olsson, who's tourist pictures has been a starting point of this project. See Conny auf der Trauminsel 1.

Spots and institutions visited in Lund, as visible on the post cards: Konsthallen, The Strindberg memorial plate on Grönegatan, Kulturen i Lund, Skissernas Museum (the Museum of Sketches), Krognoshuset and the Cathedral.