Conny auf der Trauminsel

A life size sculpture of Conny Olsson, out of papie-mache and fabric was built and placed in touristy places in the artist village and holiday resort of Ahrenshoop.

Conny Olsson is an existing person whose holiday pictures from a trip to Iceland triggered this project, which culminated in a performance with the real Conny Olsson at the Open House of the residency house Künstlerhaus Lukas.

Künstlerhaus Lukas has been a resort for artists since the end of the 19th century, and the area has continously attracted artists who came there to work. Nowadays the area attracts tourists with its art reputation as well as its beaches and spectacular nature.

The title refers to the need for an unreal place for relaxation and enjoyment. When studying advertisement for holidays I noticed that the German words Traum, Trauminsel, Zauberhaft, Magisch and geniessen (= dream, dream island, magic, and enjoy) could be a key to an understanding of the tourist phenomena: we need a place which we do not experience as "real" to be able to let go of the everyday hassles.

What is the consequences for the function of art, when art is also part of the enjoyment and relaxation industry? Can the Trauminsel experience of the art scene have an effect on the "real" world as well?

Thanks to Künstlerhaus Lukas for the residency and support.

Size: 187 cm