Another Case of the Persistence of Matter.

Hanging iron construction with steal net shape, 350 cm high.

The title comes from Luce Irigary's text The Power of Discourse, where she discusses femininity as a masquerade, and raises the question of what is beneath the mask. Is there another, more real femininity? The structure looks like a tea strainer -with the addition of an obscure animal shape in the net part - and works like one. The spring of the handle creates a force that pushes the strainers apart, but the scissor-construction in the middle changes the direction of the force, causing it to clam the strainers together. To me, this associates directly to the leg-hold trap that the expectation to perform femininity exercises on women: you will be banned if you do not perform, and you exercise your own submission if you do perform.

The sculpture was made in 2012 and was previously shown in Ystad Art Museum.